An Unfair Advantage to Kick Start Your 2023 | 64 US Brands Planning: Q1 2023

November 11, 2022

As we head into December, it’s critical for brands and media buyers to balance their long-term goals with short-term planning to set themselves up for success in Q1 2023. More importantly, it’s important for agencies to know the planning period of their ideal clients. Media planning is often a reactive strategy, and with the ongoing economic uncertainty, we’re here to help you stay ahead.

Download 64 US Brands Planning in Q1 2023 list

Here are insider details with predictions for three companies that landed on our list of 64 US Brands Planning in Q1 2023. Keep scrolling to download the complete list:

(1) American Express shifts its marketing strategy to target a younger audience

A large part of its existing customer base, and fastest growing age cohort, Gen-Z, and millennial customers, have started to show “new consumer behaviors”, like shopping in-person, going on trips, and attending live sporting events again. To reach its digitally oriented target demographic, AE is shifting its strategy towards the heavier usage of digital experiences and in-person experiential activations. 

Digital and experiential advertising tends to yield higher ROI among Gen-Z and millennials, it’s likely the company will keep working with experiential initiatives to do the same. So far this year, the company has decreased broadcast and digital ad investments, leading us to believe the return of a heavier digital ad spend is on the brink.

  • Sellers: The company targets Gen-Z and millennials with a strong male, sports enthusiasts skew. Those that can offer relevant ad space with experience reaching these younger audiences may have the most success here.
  • Agency & martech readers: Get in touch now to see if a creative agency review follows the recent appointment of VP and ECD, Dylan Bernd. Don’t forget: the company also has a Hispanic audience and utilizes print, OOH, radio, and local broadcast channels, too.

2) DraftKings to sponsor TNF on Amazon Prime Video

In a multi-year agreement to sponsor Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime Video, DraftKings will serve as the exclusive pregame and in-game odds maker for TNF. The company will host a predictions segment during pregame shows and offer TNF-themed bets in its app. YTD: they’ve increased digital ad investments by 40%, compared to this timeframe last year. 

  • Sponsorship readers: DraftKings is likely to continue ramping up ad spend while seeking additional sponsorship opportunities. With a CMO promotion earlier this year, agency reviews are also likely!

3) Burger King starts to search for new PR AOR

Looking for a brand revamp, Burger King kicked off its search for a US PR AOR. BK targets male sports fans, predominantly Gen-Z and millennials. The company has spent roughly $50.8M on digital ads this year, 54% more than last year’s total spend in this channel. For now, advertising will serve as the central part of the company’s $400M turnaround plan and have recently appointed Chief Digital Officer, Thibault Roux. 

  • Sellers: BK is likely to increase spending while it continues to revamp its brand image and marketing messages. This year alone, BK earned ~3.9B impressions in places like desktop video/YouTube, Facebook, mobile video, Instagram, and Twitter. 
  • Agency and martech readers: PR hires often precede additional agency reviews and with the recently appointed CDO, digital reviews are especially likely right now!

These sales leads with key decision-maker contact information, are designed to fill your pipeline and connect you to the right people at the right time.

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