WinmoEdge Sales Leads Round-Up: Week of 8/1 – 8/12

August 17, 2022

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Here’s your Edge article round up for 8/1 – 8/12:

  • Topgolf taps creative AOR Anomaly, further broadening its target audience by shifting focus away from golf enthusiasts to reach non-golfers (important!) After a significant decrease in digital ad spend and a complete stop in national tv ad spend over the course of two years, it’s clear Topgolf is looking to break into new channels to reach a new target audience.

See the full article on Topgolf here

  • Synergy HomeCare debuts the brand’s first national TV campaign, making it the first time the company has invested in this channel. The new CMO appears to be focused on building national brand awareness. The campaign is set to run until the end of the year, so get in touch soon to score last minute ad dollars.

See the full article on Synergy HomeCare here

  • Kraft Heinz (KH) rebrands Delimex, its Mexican food products’ packaging and launches new campaigns across OOH, TVC, OLV/OTT and paid social. This launch follows a stop in investment in digital ads and a start of investments in TV commercials. Delimex’s parent company, (KH), is also vulnerable to review due to ongoing leadership shifts.

See the full article on Delimex here

  • FanDuel promoted two of its marketing executives as part of an organizational restructure. Internal leadership shuffles are more likely to lead to other marketing shake-ups than other promotions. As Q4 quickly approaches, now would be a great opportunity to reach out, offer brand specific assistance and find out where their marketing strategy could be going.

See the full article on FanDuel here

  • Anywhere Real Estate taps first-ever CMO and will likely shift its entire marketing strategy around. With their first plunge in digital display ads, you can expect there to be an increase in continued spend, as well as agency reviews!

See the full article on Anywhere Real Estate here

  • Blueland promotes a new facial cleanser with the launch of a Twitter campaign. The company ramped up its digital spend in 2021, but has not spent much in the channel this year. With the launch of this new campaign on Twitter promoting a new product, I’d expect Blueland to increase digital spend, especially considering they’re not currently working with any agency partners!

See the full article on Blueland here

  • HackerRank hires CMO following a $60M Series D funding round in March, and ramps up spending on digital display ads. Securing more funding and hiring a new CMO, a pretty good indication there is going to be some big moves being made soon!

See the full article on HackerRank here

  • Wandering Bear (WB) promotes its top marketer to brand marketing VP after landing a $5M venture funding round earlier this year. WB utilizes display ads to reach its target audience, but hasn’t yet put a dent in their budget for this channel this year. Could social media be proving to provide a lower ROI to reach their target audience? I’m thinking this new promotion could shake things up.

See the full article on Wandering Bear here

  • Nom Nom hires a CMO while aggressively ramping up digital spend for two years running. With its digital-first marketing strategy, and heavy focus on social media, could this new CMO mean new experiments on other channels too?

See the full article on Nom Nom here

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