Prospect Watch: 4 RFPs to Target Now

October 21, 2019

With the win rate for RFPs at less than 5% and companies spending between 20-40 hours on each RFP response, it’s critical for agencies to work smarter and more efficiently to pitch these new business opportunities.

In a process that requires an extensive amount of time, effort and resources, we want to make sure you’re pursuing the RIGHT RFP opportunities for you and your team. That’s why our team of research analysts have surfaced these four opportunities to pursue right now while the iron is hot. 

Check them out below: 

1. WA’s Walla Walla Comm College issues RFP for communications, marketing services 

Due Date: October 31 

Opportunity: Washington’s Walla Walla Community College seeks proposals to represent it in a full range of professional services, including strategic communications, crisis communications, media relations, advocacy, public opinion research, and marketing according to RFP documents. 

Scope of Work: Including, but not limited to, the following: 

  1. Crisis Communications- internally and externally 
  2. Media relations and advocacy 
  3. Public positioning and executing communications strategies for higher education institutions 
  4. Marketing campaign 

Contract Terms: The selected vendor will be retained for 3 months, dependent upon budget constraints. 

Contact: Kevin Knapp, Purchasing Manager, at

2. NM Tourism Dept issues RFP for PR services, earned media focus 

Due date: November 1 

Opportunity: According to O’Dwyer’s, the New Mexico Tourism Department is looking to hire a “high caliber PR agency” that is well-seasoned in national and international travel PR to increase it’s overall earned media value, while strategically positioning the Land of Enchantment as a primary destination. In order to view the RFP documents, create an account with to view the RFP documents. 

Scope of Work: Including, but not limited to, the following: 

    • Create a “world-class” PR cooperative tourism industry partner program
    • Maximize earned media opportunities via focus on themes surrounding the introduction of commercial space tourism and the Virgin Galactic inaugural launch 
    • Digital advertising, including social & high ROI strategies 

Budget: Not disclosed 

Contact: Ray Maestas, Procurement Management Other contacts can be found here

3. WA’s Dept of Health issues RFP for Regional Stroke Awareness campaign 

Due Date: November 6, questions due October 18 

Opportunity: According to the RFP documents, the Washington State Department of Health wants to identify a qualified private or non-profit business or organization to develop and implement a coordinated stroke awareness campaign to increase the percentage of people experiencing stroke symptoms who arrive at the hospital in time for treatment. You must register through WEBS to gain access for future RFP amendments. 

Scope of Work: Including, but not limited to: 

    • The campaign will include culturally and linguistically appropriate communication materials and strategies and messaging to reach the following audiences in addition to the general public: 
      • Latino/ Hispanic individuals whose primary language is Spanish. 
      • Individuals living in rural areas and as such are less likely to be exposed to stroke awareness information, and less likely to call for help anecdotally. 
    • Expected services include, at a minimum: 
      • Plan an implement a public awareness campaign consistent with the goals and audiences defined in the RFP, working in close collaboration with the department and South Central Region partners. 
      • Develop and produce culturally and linguistically appropriate media assets (social, print, digital, video, etc) that have been tested in the field and translated as necessary to meet the needs of the audience. 
      • Place paid and earned media across the South Central region. 
      • Monitor and report total media impressions and market saturation. 
    • The campaign will be implemented in the South Central EMS and Trauma Care region, which includes the following counties in Washington State: 
      • Kittitas 
      • Yakima 
      • Benton 
      • Franklin 
      • Walla Walla 
      • Columbia 

Contract terms: December 11, 2019 through June 29, 2020 

Budget: Not to exceed $100,000 

Contact: Mitch Paris, 

4. OHIO University issues RFP for strategic marketing services 

Due date: October 29, questions due October 21 

Opportunity: OHIO University of Athens, Ohio, along with its regional campuses across the state of Ohio, invites proposals for a service/consultant engagement titled “OHIO University Strategic Marketing RFP-Phase ll” as described in the RFP documents. See additional documents for further details. In order to view the Services Agreement and access other functions, you must first create an account with IUC in order to view it. 

Scope of Work: The four parts of the Brand Messaging and Design Project include: 

    • Brand message development 
    • Brand identity refresh 
    • Creative production support 
    • Advancement campaign theme and creative production support 

Contract Terms: The initial term of the Service Agreement shall be for approximately 1.5 years expecting to commence on or around November 15, 2019 and ending June 30, 2021. After the initial term, OHIO University reserves the right to renew the Service Agreement for an additional one-year term with mutual assent, not to exceed three renewals. Any renewal agreed upon shall occur ninety days prior to the expiration of the contract then in force.  

Budget: Not disclosed 

Contact: Tim Yake, Purchasing Commodity Manager, at

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