WinmoEdge Sales Leads Round-Up: Week of 8/15 – 8/31

September 8, 2022

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Here’s your Edge article round up for 8/15 – 8/31:

Accounts on the Move:

  • It’s been about one year since Figo Pet Insurance hired its first-ever CMO, and this month named its new lead PR agency tasked with building brand awareness for its cloud-based insurance platform. Through its digital-based marketing strategy, Figo targets pet parents, and significantly ramped up spend from 2021 before leveling out this year. As the agency is responsible for helping the company raise awareness, we can definitely expect an increase in digital spend.

See the full article on Figo here

  • Pizza restaurant chain, MOD Pizza named Undnyable as its lead creative agency for an upcoming national campaign, but are only working together on a project-by-project basis. The company has continually decreased digital spend for 2 year now, leading me to think it’s due to its lower-than-desired ROI. There could be a BIG advantage when securing ad dollars if you can offer ways to optimize/increase digital channel ROI among their target audience, Gen-Z and Millenials. 

See the full article on MOD Pizza here

  • After handling the search process internally, EchoPark Automotive tapped VaynerMedia as its first-ever AOR, reportedly due to its social media prowess. The new AOR is working on a campaign, set to release later this year. The company focuses on reaching millennials, mainly through digital display ads and it has drastically increased spend so far this year. Have last minute ad space or other assistance to offer?

See the full article on EchoPark Automotive here

  • After aggressively ramping up its ad spend for the past two years, Legoland appoints its first-ever creative AOR, Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions. The agency will handle both regional and national brand campaigns, which include Legoland’s three US resort locations in CA, FL, and NY, and are expected to debut early 2023.

See the full article on Legoland here

  • Bud Light taps TWO new creative AORs: Anomaly for its main beer brand and The Martin Agency for Bud Light Seltzer and Bud Light Next. The Seltzer and Next brands appeal to both men and women looking for low-calorie drinking options, while the main Bud Light brand appeals to a primarily male audience. The DMs hold media planning discussions in Q1, and buy during Q4 – here’s your unfair advantage!

See the full article on Bud Light here


Decision Maker’s on the Move:

  • Dunkin’ taps RockOrange as its US Hispanic AOR, and is still searching for a new CMO to fill the vacant role (as of March 2022.) The agency is responsible for creating and implementing integrated marketing campaigns to reach Hispanic consumers. The search for a new CMO could be the reason the company has drastically decreased digital spend while marginally increasing TV spend YTD. Keep in mind the company is investing more resources into reaching this specific audience.

See the full article on Dunkin’ here

  • AmTrav selected Tim Hines as its new CMO, tasked with building an entire marketing engine to support AmTrav’s growth efforts and tell its story. The company targets companies in need of travel options. Can you offer high-ROI B2B strategies?

See the full article on AmTrav here

  • Pandora Jewelry names a new CMO effective this fall. The company recently launched a new line of pet collars and engravable tags (that you can match to your own jewelry – how cool!), and is also pursuing rapid expansion; plans include 32 stores mainly in the US – it’s clear Pandora is branching out!

See the full article on Pandora here

  • Carhartt appoints Chief Branding Officer, tasked with creating a multi-year strategic plan to help the company grow and increase revenue (super important!), amid spending increases. The company targets male millennial and Gen-X, blue-collar workers, and remember –  the new CBO will be responsible for creating a NEW branding strategy.

See the full article on Carhartt here

  • Less than a year after a major leadership shift, pharmacy chain Rite Aid (RA) recently rolled out its first-ever brand ads, which promotes “radical empathy” to remind viewers that it’s okay to mix conventional health with alternative wellness. This new campaign was designed to target young moms, and marks a significant shift in RA’s target demographic; it previously focused on older moms in their 50s and 60s. As it continues targeting younger audiences more, digital spend will likely increase!

See the full article on Rite Aid here 

  • DirecTV taps new DMs and launches a continuation of the company’s “Get Your TV Together” campaign, which features a Football x Housewives crossover. The campaign (brilliantly and masterly- in my opinion) targets both sports enthusiasts and reality show fans while promoting instant-convenient access between its Live TV and On Demand channels. The company has tripled its digital ad spend YTD and shows no sign of slowing down. (Increasing ad dollars!)

See the full article on DirecTV here

  • Digital content management software, Contentful recently tapped a new CMO that’s tasked to lead the company’s global marketing strategy to expand into new markets. The company drastically increased digital spend last year, however, YTD spend is down. Contentful does not currently have any agency partners. This means you will not have to compete with any incumbent relationships. Loads of opportunities await!

See the full article on Contentful here.


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