Winmo Introduces Direct Response TV Insights

March 2, 2020

Interested in tapping into direct response TV (DRTV) ad budgets? Winmo has teamed up with Media Analytics to integrate data from their IMS Report, which has been recognized as the leader in direct response monitoring, tracking, and ranking for over 25 years, to surface brands active in the DRTV space. 

A new integration, now available on over 1,500 advertiser profiles in Winmo at launch, pulls a selection of DRTV data from Media Analytics’ IMS Report directly into the Winmo platform, allowing sales teams to discover which brands are spending in direct response TV advertising, alongside the media agency and decision-maker contact information Winmo is known for delivering. The addition of the DRTV data illustrates Winmo’s dedication to providing its users with an unfair advantage to pitching and winning top ad accounts.

“As brands continue to shift more media dollars into DTC (direct to consumer) marketing, agencies, TV networks and martech providers need to understand the impact and adapt quickly,” said Jeffrey White, CEO of Media Analytics. “We’re thrilled to offer our industry leading Direct Response TV insights as part of Winmo’s award winning platform. The integration of our AI driven analysis of the growing DRTV landscape will further arm Winmo clients with a broader set of tools they can use to identify, qualify and close new sales opportunities.” 

DRTV Insights that Help New Business Pros

Features of the integration include:

  • Likelihood of a New Campaign Launching in the Next 90 Days: Media Analytics estimates the probability of a new campaign based on factors like new ad creative/formats.
  • Top TV Networks: The top 5 networks that the brand has run D2C ads on in the past 60 days.
  • D2C Presence Format: Indicates if brand is currently (past 30 days) running ads in Long Form (half hour) or Short Form (15 seconds – five minutes).
  • Network TV Coverage: Shows variance in the number of networks a brand is airing on compared to that brands’ subcategory (as a whole), in the past 30 days.
  • Daily D2C TV Media Spend: The average category spend line represents the average media dollars spent per brand in this brands’ category. The spend line represents this specific brands’ media dollars spent on D2C ads. If the brand line goes above the average category spend line this brand is outpacing the average spend per brand in its category.

Winmo DRTV Insights

“Most directly, this integration will allow our users to have an unfair advantage over their competition by having an even more holistic and real-time picture of an advertiser’s media investments. This provides valuable context for all types of ad sellers and agency new business teams looking to identify brands aiming to reach consumers through direct means. We’ve already had an overwhelmingly positive response to this competitive advantage in the first week, and look forward to continuing to expand on it,” said Dave Currie, CEO of Winmo.

The new integration pairs Media Analytics’ DRTV data with Winmo’s verified brand and agency decision-maker information to empower users to easily find who is spending the budgets they’re qualified to win.

DRTV data is the latest in Winmo’s line of strategic partnerships delivering contextual account information to users. Other integrations include:

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More About Media Analytics

Media Analytics is a market research and intelligence company that provides competitive intelligence, prescriptive analysis, as well as predictive outcomes for rapidly expanding $12B direct to consumer (DTC) TV advertising industry. The company has built an extensive offering of online monitoring and tracking services that help Brand Marketers, Media Agencies, TV Networks and Martech Providers, maximize their success by understanding the dynamic shifts in media spend and placement, new product offerings, innovative creative and unique sales approaches that brands are implementing across 120 categories and more importantly to gain insight into which brands and categories will be the hot, up and coming DTC segments in the future.

Media Analytics has been recognized as the go to source for direct response monitoring, tracking, and ranking resource for over 25 years. We use proprietary AI based software to track, monitor, aggregate and analyze over 150,000 TV commercial airings representing more $230M of media spend every week. The platform allows users to see what brands and categories are airing TV ads within minutes of the actual ad running. From mobile gaming, to financial services to health and wellness, Media Analytics is the first to identify new product entrants and emerging growth categories across the TV/OTT landscape. Those interested in learning more can contact: or call 610-200-6041.

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