Winmo Turns Two

Time flies when you’re helping sales professionals win new business. Isn’t that how the saying goes?

Having launched Winmo into the marketing and advertising industry two years ago, our development team has continued evolving the platform by adding new, strategic enhancements and integrations. In fact, over 2,600 features have been added to Winmo since it’s introduction to the marketplace. Think about it: that’s more than 100 features each month!

While the infographic below shows our milestone enhancements we asked our EVP of Product, Billy Boydston, to tell us about the three that made the biggest impact.

  1. Pathmatics Integration: Our partnership with Pathmatics provides Winmo customers with additional insight into the advertisers they are prospecting. This integration not only highlights recent creative and where these spots display, but it also highlights the percent of ads placed programmatically versus direct.
  2. Integrated Edge experience: After rebranding DailyVista as WinmoEdge, the team focused on providing a truly integrated experience for our users. Now, Edge readers can set alerts, export contacts, and start a conversation in our social community, all from within the Winmo product.
  3. Martech Database: Based on customer requests over the past year, our research team was able to develop a database of the top marketing technology companies, and the decision-makers within. This additional dataset now provides our customers with access to the entire marketing ecosystem, once again, all within the Winmo platform.

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