Telehealth is Here to Stay: 50+ Industry Contacts for 2021 Planning

November 18, 2020

In 2020, we took concerts, birthday parties, baby showers, book clubs, and even trade shows online. And now? Healthcare. In a COVID (and post-COVID) world, telehealth ensures that hospitals and doctors’ offices remain open for the sick, while still providing patients access to healthcare professionals for annual check-ups and referrals.

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As a result, the industry is evolving quickly. U.S. Health and Human Services relaxed regulations at the start of the pandemic to make it easier for doctors to provide virtual care without violating HIPAA requirements. It’s also been found to better serve those suffering from chronic illness, mental health disorders, and the elderly, too. 

With all of this attention on telehealth, rising brands are emerging. From the millennial-aesthetic driven Ro, to tech savvy Teladoc Inc., these companies are scaling quickly, creating partnership opportunities for sellers, agencies, and martech companies.

Here are three telehealth companies to keep on your radar as we begin Q1 planning. Then, keep scrolling to download our list of 50+ marketing and advertising contacts growing the industry.

1)  Ro

First up, this health and wellness company upped its national TV spend throughout Q3 and Q4 2020. The New York-based company’s Series C round in July 2020, which was led by General Catalyst, brings the company’s total funding to $376 million.

Ro is dedicated to providing patient-driven telehealth for all healthcare needs through three brand pillars. Roman provides men’s healthcare, Rory provides women’s, and Zero helps people fight addiction. Each pillar’s demographic seems to primarily target millennial and Gen-X consumers.

  • Agency and martech readers: Keep this growing brand on your radar for potential future work. Ro should continue to prioritize TV and paid social advertising, so if that’s your specialty, check out the 10 company contacts from them included in this list.

2)  Teladoc, Inc.

Teladoc hired senior director of product marketing, Melissa Leachman, in July and is currently searching for a marketing VP. As we know, adding members to the marketing team usually signals future spending increases.

According to Adbeat, Teladoc spent around 80% of its digital display budget after October, placing ads programmatically through Google Display Network onto sites like,, and, too.

  • Sellers: Teladoc has a broad target audience, but its emphasis on digital ads implies the company is primarily targeting Gen-Z and millennials. Its top spending period the last two years was Q4, during cold and flu season, creating new seller opportunities. Specifically, reach out with digital ad space to secure some of these extra dollars.
  • Agency and martech readers: Teladoc currently works with Revive Health on PR, WiT on media and it takes care of creative in-house. While there are no upcoming reviews, you can try pitching digital and/or social media services.

3)  Nurx Inc.

Finally, Nurx is a mobile app that offers convenient consultations with professional medical providers who can prescribe birth control and HIV-prevention prescriptions. In October, the company promoted marketing VP, Katelyn Watson, to CMO. In August, Nurx landed a $22.5m Series C funding round, raising its total valuation to $115.9m.

After temporarily pausing advertising in April (thanks, COVID), Nurx is again investing in digital display ads, as well as Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, the company’s increased national TV spend should continue into 2021, targeting millennials and Gen-X.

  • Agency and martech readers: Promoted CMOs don’t necessarily conduct agency reviews as often as outside hires might, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to reach out, especially if your PR services can build brand awareness and/or your data analytics services can help Nurx reach more young consumers, as well.

Want to stay ahead of the telehealth trend? Download our Excel list of 50+ industry contacts here.

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