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Why Personalized Outreach Gets Results

Winmo Personality Insights reveal eerily details about prospects. They’re known to increase response rates by 33%. But how? Bonnie Buie, SVP Accounts at Catapult New Business, shares how her team books meetings for top agencies utilizing:

    • DISC profile and personality type
    • Dos and Don’ts for email communication
    • Personality-based tips for negotiation

How Podcast Data can Shape your Pipeline


From emerging brands making a splash to established brands testing the waters, podcast budgets are a promising source of opportunity – one poised to eclipse $2B next year.
In this webinar, Winmo and Podchaser will share:

  • How to identify budgets and build lists of advertisers based on podcast investment levels
  • What podcast spend, show destinations, and overall media investment signal about a brand’s buying behavior
  • How to engage brand AND agency contacts who own these budgets


Demographics to Deals: Find Brands Craving Your Exposure


Some brands appeal more strongly to Hispanics, or Millennials, others skew male, trend affluent… In this webinar, Winmo experts and customers are teaming up with StatSocial to show you how smart sellers leverage audience demographic insight to win more deals:

  • StatSocial audience demographics – what are they?
  • Where are they in Winmo, and how can they help me prospect?
  • How can I find brands whose audiences correspond to mine based on age, gender, HHI or ethnicity?
  • How are media, sponsorship and agency teams using brand audience intel to generate business?