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April 17, 2023

With economic uncertainty in the air, today’s sales landscape is as competitive as ever. Choosing the right sales enablement tools in your arsenal can make all the difference in achieving success. Two popular sales enablement tools in the industry are Winmo and, providing sales intelligence to help teams turn more leads into deals and take prospecting to the next level.

Winmo’s unique offering of targeted, human-verified contacts, ad spend, and predictive intelligence sets it apart from other sales enablement tools. With this technology, sales teams can stay ahead of opportunities and prospect proactively rather than reactively, uncovering emerging opportunities and pointing brands to the right contacts at the right time. Although also offers valuable features, such as AI-powered technology for lead generation and sales acceleration, it has a different approach compared to Winmo. Therefore, the depth of information needed for prospecting may dictate which technology is best suited for your team.

To make an informed decision on which sales enablement tool meets your immediate and long-term needs, it’s essential to consider each platform’s unique offerings carefully. Check out our analysis below to see what’s right for you. is an all-in-one platform that offers a variety of features, including lead generation, sales acceleration, and predictive analytics. This platform uses artificial intelligence to help businesses find programmatically sourced contact data and automate the sales process. With, you can build lists of prospects, track their behavior, and optimize your outreach for better engagement. 

On the other hand, Winmo is a B2B sales intelligence platform that specializes in providing accurate and up-to-date information on decision-makers at brand marketers and agencies. In addition to using technology to verify contacts, the decision-makers in Winmo are hand-verified by humans every 60 days to maintain an email deliverability rating of 93%+ The platform offers a targeted database of contacts that can help businesses spend more time on the right leads – the ones with budget and interest to work with them. With Winmo, you can also set up alerts to track changes within companies and stay up-to-date with the latest industry news.


Winmo vs. on Contacts:

Winmo’s database is recognized by its users as the leader in contact accuracy, with a 98% email deliverability rate. Our database boasts the most up-to-date and precise information available, including robust brand-level contacts and direct contact details for VPs and above. With our accelerated review process, we add new and updated contacts every 60 days to maintain our competitive edge with our specialized research team. This ensures that users have access to the right titles, direct dials, and emails to craft outreach that elicits a response.

In addition to contact accuracy, Winmo is unmatched in contact relevancy. Our platform maps out over 175,000 decision-makers across brands, parent companies, and agencies, providing users with a comprehensive view of the complex array of decision-makers with ad budgets. While users can see media teams by account, Winmo goes beyond media buyers to include in-house marketers, strategy, planning, social, and creative budget holders who control over $100B annually. This level of detail and scope is essential to help users accurately identify and target decision-makers and increase their chances of success., may outrank Winmo on number of contacts included, but our users tell us that Winmo is a more reliable resource for their needs.


Agency & Brand Relationships:

Winmo is THE go-to source for sales and marketing insights in the advertising industry. One of their key offerings is an extensive database of agency and brand relationships, which provides users with valuable information on who’s partnering with whom, what types of campaigns they’re working on, and their budgets. Winmo maps all decision-makers (including agencies) responsible for a brand’s marketing strategy in one place. Find out which brand decision-makers, creative and media agencies, and sponsorship agencies are negotiating on a brand’s behalf.

Armed with this intel, sales teams and marketers save hours uncovering decision-makers brand by brand (budget by budget) without hours of guesswork and fruitless research.


Media Spend:

In addition to typical firmographic filters like industry and location, Winmo tracks advertising spend for individual brands and parent companies. It maps spend totals as well as channel allocations to platforms such as digital display, online video, broadcast, print, radio, and OOH, allowing users to target prospects investing in specific delivery media. In addition to spend information, the platform notes planning and buying periods, allowing users to build lists of marketers planning major campaigns and marketing spend events now.

  • Broadcast spend (Network, Cable, Spot, Syndication, Spanish Language)
  • Print (B2B Magazines, National Magazines, Local Magazines, Newspapers, Spanish Language Publications)
  • Out-of-Home
  • Digital Display & Online Video
  • Radio (National Spot and Network)

With in-depth insights on emerging channels:

  • Social Spend: Search for advertisers spending above or below thresholds to pinpoint high-value opportunities, emerging brands, and movers and shakers.
  • OTT Insights: Winmo integrates TV measurement data from to give you a 360-degree view of where brands are spending TV dollars. Qualify opportunities, understand TV and OTT buying behavior, and tailor your pitch to secure future ad investment.
  • SEM Spend: Understand a brand’s Google Ads buying behavior, and how much traffic they get for the dollars they’re putting in.
  • Podcast Spend: Winmo’s podcast insights powered by Podchaser make it easy to identify podcast advertisers, size up opportunities and connect with budget-holders to win more business.


Insight + Integrations:

  • Emerging opportunities: Looking for new opportunities right when they happen? Winmo is the industry’s only early warning system so that you can be first in line. Rather than pursue leftover budgets, our research analysts track multiple sales triggers at established and emerging brands. From new CMOs to companies that just got new funding, our prospecting publication WinmoEdge spots opportunities on the horizon and serves them to your inbox so you can be first to early-stage opportunities.
  • List-building and audience demographics: Build a list of brands and contacts based on location, industry category, target audience demographic (gender, age, 18-34, HHI), history of partnerships, job function (sponsorship, sports marketing, media, multicultural marketing), and more.
  • Personality Insights: Winmo gives you more than just names, titles, and contact information. Thanks to personality insights from Humantic AI, you’ll know how to communicate with a prospect to get their attention and close the deal.
  • Sponsorship Insights: In addition to providing key contact information for sponsorship decision-makers, Winmo incorporates placement information from Relo Metrics to show you which teams and leagues a brand is sponsoring and what those activations look like.
  • Export to your CRM: Once your lists are built, our Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and HubSpot integrations make it easy to push your prospect data directly into your CRM. Export the entire list or individual accounts and contacts as you go.



Proactive prospecting: Winmo clients can search brands by buying periods and planning windows to ensure you get the deal before the budget is spent.

Winmo Scoops group: Get daily Winmo leads right to your Slack (or email)! These curated opportunities detail brands rumored to be increasing spend, scouting marketing partners, and more.

Sales teams at both large and small corporations can find value in Winmo or

When determining which option is best for your team, ask yourself if you need to know

  • Targeted, human-verified contact information
  • Corporate hierarchies and the connection between brands, parent corporations, and agencies
  • When brands are planning to spend big and heading toward agency reviews
  • What demographics do brands target information about new sponsorships and how to approach those opportunities
  • What are brands spending their budgets on
  • That you’ll be working with a trusted industry advisor with 25+ years of experience


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