MediaRadar Competitive Analysis

February 10, 2023

Today, new business professionals need reliable sales enablement tools in their arsenal. The right support can make the difference between mediocre results and success. Specifically, two major players in the sales enablement industry, Winmo and MediaRadar, both work toward the same goal – to help sales professionals close more deals.

While there are many similarities between the tools, such as connecting the dots between advertisers and agencies, there are important differences as well. To help make an informed decision on which resource best suits your sales needs, check out our detailed competitive analysis below.

Contact accuracy:
Winmo users report that our database boasts the most accurate information, comprehensive brand-level contacts, and direct contact information for top executives, including VPs and above. We have also streamlined our review process, adding new and updated contacts every 60 days to maintain our edge. Users appreciate access to accurate job titles, direct dials, and emails, and Winmo even provides personality insights to help you craft effective, well-received emails.

Contact relevancy:
Winmo simplifies the complex landscape of decision-makers with advertising budgets by mapping out 160,000 individuals across brands, parent companies, and agencies. Our platform goes beyond traditional media buyers to provide access to in-house marketers, strategists, planners, social media professionals, and creative budget holders, who collectively control over $100 billion annually. With Winmo’s simple view of this vast network, users can effortlessly navigate the global, national, and regional brands scene, and even search by agencies, offering limitless opportunities.


Agency Search:
Winmo doesn’t just connect the dots between advertisers and agencies, it allows revenue teams to search agencies – by holding company, client industry, media dollars held and more. The ability to query agencies directly allows for more precise prospecting for those selling into agencies across a range of disciplines.


Proactive prospecting:
Winmo enables clients to streamline their brand search process by targeting planning periods, buying periods, and campaign planning windows, so they can engage with decision-makers before their next significant campaign.


Campaign predictions and agency hire reports:
With WinmoEdge, our clients are informed about media agencies acquiring new business and hiring new creative talent – triggers that are distilled into useful daily leads. These leads provide sellers with insight into potential opportunities, even months before a campaign is announced, allowing them to proactively prospect and gain an unfair advantage.


Emerging advertisers:
Winmo keeps an eye on newly funded and rising companies that are planning to increase their marketing, brand recognition, and advertising spending. With WinmoEdge, users receive daily notifications, enabling them to initiate outreach and secure a spot in these companies’ campaigns from the outset, rather than missing out on opportunities by waiting until the funds have already been allocated.


Competitor monitoring:
Publishers utilize Winmo’s advertising ecosystem to monitor their competitors to know which advertisers are buying in real-time and how ad space is being purchased. They can also set alerts for spending surges and new creatives, letting them know it’s time to get their unfair advantage.


Social monitoring:
Winmo’s integrated, real-time data allows clients to uncover billions in social media budgets, paid social creative, new campaigns, and search industry verticals. They gain insight into which brands are ramping up spending on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and can also see which brands are investing heavily in podcasts. With Winmo, clients have a detailed view of the media landscape.


Marketing and advertising technology:
Winmo’s martech database provides a comprehensive, searchable view of the martech and adtech industry, complete with contact details for DSPs, SSPs, networks, and other platforms. In addition, Winmo offers unparalleled visibility into broadcast budgets and DRTV buying behavior, including TV spend data for thousands of brands. With this information at their fingertips, users can easily generate lists of relevant companies and make informed decisions.


Digital advertising insights: Gain insights into spend across brands, publishers, target audiences, and adtech intermediaries with our all-encompassing digital advertising ecosystem.


Unique insights:
Winmo offers more than just ad spend data, providing users with the context they need to identify and qualify opportunities, including personality insights, social demographics, sports league/nonprofit partnerships, intent data, and Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising. With this vast landscape of information, users can make informed decisions and prioritize their outreach efforts.


UK and EU insights:
Winmo also offers a UK database, providing users with access to European contacts, brands, agencies, social media spend, and a wealth of additional information. An unfair advantage is just across the pond!



Finally, here are some questions to ask when deciding which platform will make the biggest impact:

  • First, what are others saying about each brand? You can find out by visiting Winmo and MediaRadar’s G2Crowd reviews.
  • Second, is my prospecting strategy proactive or reactive (and what should it be?)
  • Next, how important are details like direct dials and prospect insights?
  • Lastly, do I already have decision-maker relationships and simply need a database that tracks buying behavior and budget allocation? Or, do I need a database that connects decision-makers to buying signals that indicate opportunity ahead?

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