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March 27, 2023

Updated 2023: It’s vital to have the appropriate sales enablement tools in your tech stack to secure new business in 2023. Winmo and ZoomInfo (now referred to as ZoomInfo powered by DiscoverOrg) are two prominent leaders in this space, aimed at assisting sales teams in reaching out to suitable individuals at relevant companies. Although these two platforms share some similarities, their approaches differ significantly.

While ZoomInfo is widely recognized for sourcing vast amounts of data across various industries and is considered the largest B2B database, comparing ZoomInfo to Winmo is akin to comparing apples to oranges. Winmo’s sales intelligence is deep and targeted, with a specific focus on the media and advertising industry. As a result, Winmo provides comprehensive and unparalleled intelligence across national advertisers in the US and UK markets. The depth of information required for prospecting will largely determine which technology is most appropriate for your sales organization.

To help you choose between the two based on your immediate and long-term sales needs, we will analyze four critical areas of comparison: the number of contacts, proactive prospecting, agency/brand relationship data, and industry-leading integrations.


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Number of Contacts 

If it’s a sheer numbers game and your purchase decision is based strictly on how much data you can pull out of the platform, ZoomInfo has Winmo beat.

Winmo has ~13,000 US company profiles, ~42,000 brand profiles, ~7,000 verified agency profiles and ~155k verified marketing and media decision-makers while ZoomInfo (with its merger with DiscoverOrg) totals ~100M B2B professionals and ~15M companies.  

While a large database is definitely valuable for certain use cases, it’s also very difficult to maintain the integrity of the data. ZoomInfo uses patented technology to gather and update data that then enters an automated system of checks and balances and third-party verification tools.

Unlike competitors, Winmo’s data is verified by living, breathing US-based researchers (not bots) ensuring that clients are provided with the most up-to-date information possible. With a smaller more targeted data focus it’s much easier to surface reliable, more accurate data, with complete details like direct dials and email addresses. 

In summary –  if you’re looking for quantity, ZoomInfo might be the best option. But, for those who value the quality of data, particularly for the media and advertising industry, Winmo may provide better ROI.

Proactive Prospecting

Knowing who to contact when prospecting is vitally important, and typically the first problem customers are trying to solve when they research either Winmo or ZoomInfo. But, knowing when and why to reach out to a company is just as important and can often be what makes your pitch stand out from the rest. 

In addition to basic contact information, which both platforms provide, Winmo surfaces critical details alerting you of when an advertiser is likely to undergo change (that would trigger a sales opportunity) and why they might need your services. The best part? Winmo’s team of research analysts are able to forecast these opportunities weeks and even months in advance. 

Talk about handing you qualified leads on a silver platter! 

Many of the sales triggers Winmo’s team is monitoring include: 

  • Decision-Makers on the Move 
  • New Funding 
  • Emerging Companies
  • Women-Owned Businesses
  • Black-Owned Businesses
  • New Markets & Audiences 
  • Vulnerable Account Index
  • Product Launches 
  • Campaign Imminent  
  • New Client-Agency Relationships/ Shifts 

Agency/Brand Relationship Data 

As mentioned above, large amounts of contact data can be helpful for mass outreach but if you’re a strategic seller like most of our clients, understanding the entire landscape of a company before you pitch them is equally important. 

If you’re targeting national advertisers you know first-hand how difficult it can be to navigate the tangled web of brands, agencies, and the decision-makers within. That’s why Winmo allows clients to toggle between all three in order to see everyone involved in the decision-making process. 

While ZoomInfo provides company and contact information, you’ll have trouble connecting the dots since those agency/brand relationships aren’t mapped.  

Industry-Leading Integrations 

Sales resources are making it easier than ever for you to work less and sell smarter. While ZoomInfo’s integrations help you manage your data, with enrichment and API options, Winmo’s integrations help you manage your pipeline with resources that help you quickly move leads to close. 

From personality insights to digital ad intelligence, Winmo includes key integrations that fit into your daily workflow, helping you connect with qualified prospects faster than ever before. Take a look below:

Digital Advertising Insights by Adbeat

Providing Winmo customers with a 360-view of advertiser buyer behavior, their integration with industry-leading digital ad intelligence provider, Adbeat, allows you to get closer to digital dollars with an in-depth view of your prospects’ creative, including info on where it’s appeared and how often- even the percentage of media running native, direct or programmatic. 

Winmo customers also have the ability to monitor brand-level ad spend across 19 different media types as well as build custom prospecting lists based on how much a brand is spending on OOH, cable, TV, paid search, display, magazines, or any number of different mediums. 

And, it doesn’t stop there. Other integrations include:

  • Salesforce – Export verified data into this industry-leading CRM platform. 
  • HubSpot – Export verified data into this industry-leading marketing automation platform. 
  • iSpot – See a brand’s latest TV airings including top networks and shows, plus playable commercials. 
  • Relo Metrics – Get a breakdown of a brand’s sports partners and current sponsorship activations.
  • Intent Signals by Bombora – Who’s in the market for your tech? Winmo Intent Insights, powered by Bombora, tell you exactly which brands or agencies are researching your services.
  • Podcast Insights – See which brands are spending on podcasts, plus which shows they’re airing and how they stack up against their competitive set.
  • Personality InsightsScore eerily accurate personality insights on decision-makers to improve response rates with DOs, DONTs, and preferred language.
  • SEM Spend Insights – Get detailed spending across media formats like OOH, Broadcast, Print, Radio, Digital, Video, Google Ads (PPC), Hispanic media and more.
  • Social Spend – Search who’s spending above or below thresholds on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & OLV, and know which platforms are dominating the mix.
  • StatSocial – Qualify targets and perfect your pitch based on how a brand’s social audience breaks down by gender, age, ethnicity, household income, personality type, media properties, influencers, and more.

As for ZoomInfo, integrations include: 

  • Outlook Connector- optimize your outreach efforts without interrupting your existing workflow. Gain valuable insight into key contacts and companies, right from your inbox. 
  • ReachOut Chrome Extension– get direct phone numbers and email addresses while viewing LinkedIn profiles, or leads, accounts, and contacts in Salesforce. 
  • Salesforce Suite- reach leads faster with the most accurate contact information within the preferred Salesforce workflow. 
  • Marketo Form Complete– seamlessly fill in important demographic and firmographic information into your web forms, without ever asking for it. 

In Conclusion 

Sales teams at both large and small corporations are finding value in both Winmo and ZoomInfo – and in some unique instances using both in conjunction with the other. When it comes to determining which option is best for you and your team, here are a few qualifying questions to ask: 

  • Do I just need contacts, or would comprehensive insights better inform my sales and marketing strategy?
  • Am I targeting national advertisers in the US or UK?
  • What integrations are most important to me?
  • Is my prospecting strategy proactive or reactive?
  • What are my peers saying about each brand? You can find out by visiting Winmo and ZoomInfo’s Capterra reviews.

The best way to evaluate any SaaS tool is to try it before you buy, so to see if Winmo is the right fit for you, request a demo today! 


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