Winmo & GumGum Sports Give Sponsorship Sellers an Unfair Advantage

June 15, 2020

Sales intelligence leader Winmo has teamed up with GumGum Sports, the leading AI-powered sponsorship analytics platform. Together, the companies will help sponsorship sellers identify and evaluate brand partnership opportunities. Winmo’s advertiser profiles have direct access to select sponsorship analytics from GumGum Sports, pairing key deal insights with the decision-makers responsible for sponsorship budgets. 

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In addition to listing the marketing decision-makers who control sponsorship spend at brands, company profiles within Winmo’s platform will now include GumGum’s sponsorship insights. These insights identify the brands activating in the sponsorship ecosystem and the teams those brands are working with, too. The information will be displayed on company profiles, relating sponsors to the teams and leagues they work with, as well as team and league profiles, mapping relationships across the sponsorship universe. GumGum will also supply analytics detailing the duration that sponsor placements appear across television and streaming broadcasts, as well.

The partnership brings a new level visibility into the sports marketing ecosystem that stakeholders have traditionally struggled to access.

GumGum’s machine learning computer vision systems identify exactly which sports properties brands are working with and which activations they are sponsoring. In addition, Winmo provides verified decision-maker intel to those who control sponsorship dollars. The union combines those strengths to render a holistic view of the sports marketing landscape. Now, this arms sponsorship sellers as well as sports-related media, agency, and adtech solutions with a significant advantage in identifying and pursuing opportunities with qualified brands.

“Our partnership gives sponsorship sellers an unparalleled view of a brand’s existing strategy and sports partners,” said Dave Currie, CEO, Winmo. “And, of course, it’s provided alongside the relevant decision-makers with insight to craft effective sales outreach. We’re thrilled to give our clients this unfair advantage to winning more business with sports sponsors.”

“A key mission for GumGum Sports has been facilitating better outcomes across the sponsorship industry,” said GumGum Sports GM Brian Kim. “With this in mind, we’re fusing Winmo’s sales and our sponsorship intelligence to empower team and league stakeholders with effective partnerships. Above all, we’re proud of that work with Winmo because it delivers on that mission. But also because it marks a key step in our effort to expand GumGum Sports’ analytics.” 

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About GumGum:

GumGum Sports is an AI-powered sponsorship analytics solution. It delivers timely data and insights to help brands, agencies, properties and media companies contextualize the value of their sponsorships. The company captures the full media value of sports sponsorships across live broadcasts, social media, and digital streaming. This enables rights holders to retain and grow partner revenue. For more information visit

About Winmo:

Winmo tracks decision-makers and marketing relationships for national brands. Its human-verified profiles list media, agency and sponsorship decision-makers control over $100 billion in spending each year. Alongside contextual insights needed to craft sales outreach that resonates. Additionally, its predictive news analysis shines a light on future opportunities, analyzing tell-tale signs that media and sponsorship spend is on the horizon to alert sellers in advance. Armed with verified contact details and reliable sales predictions, Winmo users connect with corporate sponsors at the right time. For more information and to request a trial, visit

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