How to Get Awesome Testimonials for Your Business

Testimonials can be a powerful tool to help you sell. Social proof – having people who have used your product acting as its cheerleaders – can make a big difference in whether prospects are more or less likely to take your calls.

In this video you’ll learn how to:

  • Prep your clients for testimonials

    • Phone interviews
    • Assets and personal/company information
  • Write better testimonials

    • Be specific
      • How the product helped
      • Where it helped
      • Sales/cost savings realized, or ROI

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Video Transcription

Hey it’s Dave Thomson again, over at List Partners, Inc., home of Winmo, and today I want to talk about the importance of third-party storytelling and acquiring testimonials to help you sell.

What is the best way of acquiring these testimonials? And the simplest and best way of doing it simply just asking your current client base. So there’s been studies done that upwards of ninety percent of all clients are happy or willing to provide a testimony to your company but less than ten percent are asked to do so.

So what I recommend, once you get that “yes,” hopefully you’ve had a conversation with them and you wrote down their experience or positive experiences with your or your business; if not hop on the phone for just a few minutes and find out what type of positive experience say they had with you.

Write thoses up and actually send them an email with exactly what they told you over the phone. Save them a bunch of time and ask them to edit that and just give you the green light, thumbs-up, thumbs-down in terms of being able to utilize that testimonial.

Also, if you can, what I certainly recommend is trying to get them to approve name, title, if you can use their LinkedIn picture, and their logo. That’s ideal because it takes on a more human, real aspect to it when you have all those those details in a specific testimonial.

So another important thing when we’re generating these testimonials it’s really really important to not just have a testimonial based on “XYZ company is great.”

Be very specific and try to be very measurable with those testimonials you get. So as opposed to “XYZ is a great company to work for,” what’s a lot better is “By utilizing XYZ I’ve been able to generate 4 or 5 new clients over the past four months.”

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