Winmo helped this small company capture the attention (and revenue) of big-name brands.


As a small company selling grassroots sports sponsorships across 10,000 high schools, Huddle Inc. was having trouble building traction with national brands. “It’s hard to get in the door with higher ups at major companies because our company simply doesn’t have the name recognition to break through gatekeepers,” said General Sales Manager Corey Ballard.


Huddle Inc. turned to Winmo to find direct contact information for the marketing executives they needed to talk to, as well as the background information needed to show prospects they’d done their homework.


With Winmo’s sales intelligence paving the way, Huddle Inc. has been able to partner with big-name brands. In fact, according to Ballard, “A few short weeks after using Winmo, I was able to sidestep a gatekeeper and make direct contact with the appropriate decision maker for a top-eight retailer that our company had tried to connect with for years.” The conversation turned into a three-market partnership that has since grown and been renewed. “This was all thanks to Winmo.”