How to Craft & Pitch A Sponsorship Proposal
Are you responsible for developing external partnerships for your organization? Whether you are brand new to sponsorship sales or a...
Winmo’s Dave Currie Joins as Host of the B2B Sales Show Podcast
This week, Winmo’s very own CEO Dave Currie officially became a co-host on the B2B Sales Show. Starting his career...
Agency New Business
Predicted Agency of Record Shifts in H2 2019
Whether you’re a media seller, vendor or new business professional, we all wish we had a crystal ball when it...
Agency New Business
Cash In On The Craze: 5 Subscription Box Brands Investing in Marketing
Updated: July 15, 2019 In the past five years, the subscription e-commerce market has absolutely exploded, growing as much as...
Business Development
3 Business Development Tips To Help You Win More Business
Business development plays a crucial role in the success of an organization as it’s what keeps the sales pipeline growing...
Agency New Business
Perfect Your Agency Pitch: The Do’s & Don’ts From a Search Consultant
So, you’ve made it to the last round of an agency search and this brand is the mammoth account your...
Marketing Tech
Top YouTube Advertisers in Q1 2019
It’s expected that brands will spend nearly $18M in digital video by the end of 2019- a 25% increase year...
Agency New Business
Mirren Live 2019: The Ultimate Speaker Contact List
If you’re an agency leader seeking the best strategies and tactics to enhance your agency’s growth, there is no better...
Agency New Business
3 Reasons Sellers Should Leverage Social Demographic Data for Prospecting
After a long day at work, you probably get home, cook some dinner and then hop onto social media for...
Agency New Business
Hit List: Emerging Cannabis Brands Lighting Up Marketing Spend in 2019
Updated: May 24th, 2019 Predicted to reach $22 billion by 2020, the cannabis industry is booming with potential media and...
Agency New Business
Prospect List: Travel & Tourism Brands With Marketing Opportunities On The Horizon
It’s officially Spring Break season and as the weather continues to get warmer, the opportunities for marketing and advertising work...
The Ultimate End of Month Motivation Playlist for Sales Pros
It’s no secret that music plays a big role in our lives, and is a big contributor to our productivity...
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