The Best Way to End Sales Outreach Attempts

Ignore what Boyz II Men said, when you reach the end of the road, the smart thing to do is to let go. After making honest efforts to contact someone in your target organization, the time has come to cut bait and move on… but how should you do it?

In this video Dave discusses what to include in your “divorce” email, including how to:

  • Be clear that you’re going to stop contacting them
  • Let them know you’ll be available if they call in the future

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Video Transcription

Hey, it’s Dave Thomson over at List Partners Inc., and this is our final video in this series of videos on cold-call prospecting.

I talked before about the importance of emails and individualizing each message, being really concise with the subject, also being very unique with that subject line and making sure that the body is concise as well. The importance of leaving voice messages, the importance of reaching out in different channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

So now what I want to talk about is that last email or that last voice message before you completely give up. Hopefully you’ve been persistent you’ve tracked that contact, that individual, and reached out that individual for a good three to five weeks, depending on who you’re prospecting. So what’s the best way to end it?

What our team does here is send out what they call a “divorce email,” and a lot of times they even have the something line that say “divorce,” but it’s essentially saying this is the last time I’m going to contact you, I haven’t heard from you, so i’m assuming at this point you’re not interested. If that’s not the case, or should things change down the line, feel free to reach out to me – I’m available.

So that’s the best way to end it I also recommend a voice message as well with a very similar message.

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